EcoWatt, your electricity forecast for a responsible economy by RTE

Ecowatt “electricity weather forecast” available free of charge on a service unknown to users and developed by RTE (manager of the electricity transmission network) in 2020, allows everyone to better know in real time the level of electricity consumption region by region; and to receive alerts on the risk of cuts through a system, so that everyone can adapt their consumption.

How do signals work?

Green : Our consumption is reasonable .
Yellow : Our consumption is high . We can moderate our consumption.
Orange : The electrical system is in a strained situation. Citizen eco-gestures are welcome.
Red : The electrical system is in a very strained situation. If we do not reduce our electricity consumption, targeted cuts are inevitable. Let’s adopt all eco-gestures .

In the rare cases where electricity needs cannot be covered, local, controlled cuts lasting a maximum of 2 hours could be organised. The Ecowatt site will then give each French person all the information in real time to deal with the situation.

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