Health protocol at work: changes for lunch

The main changes on March 23, 2021 relate to:

  • The lunch break :
    • Packed lunches should be preferred, especially when the employee can have lunch in his office or in a furnished space.
    • When the packed lunch is not possible, the employee must have lunch alone, strictly respecting the rule of 2 meters of distance between each person. It is no longer possible to have lunch in a group or face to face.
    • Company restaurants must continue to adapt wide time slots to reduce flows.
  • Strengthening teleworking : employers must define an action plan to minimize the time spent on site by employees who can telework.
  • Transportation of employees within the framework of professional activities: the employer must limit carpooling and strictly enforce the application of barrier gestures.

  • Telecommuting :

Teleworking must be the rule for all activities that allow it. The national interprofessional agreement (ANI) of November 26, 2020 for the successful implementation of teleworking constitutes a useful reference framework for its implementation. The time spent teleworking is increased to 100% for employees who can perform all of their tasks remotely. For 100% teleworking employees, face-to-face feedback is possible one day a week at most when they express the need, with the agreement of their employer. This arrangement takes into account the specificities linked to work organizations, in particular for teamwork and endeavors to limit social interactions in the workplace as much as possible. In other cases, the organization of work must make it possible to reduce travel between home and work, to smooth the departure and arrival times of the employee to limit crowds at peak times, and to adapt the time spent in attendance. in business in order to reduce social interactions. Employers set the applicable rules within the framework of social dialogue, ensuring that links are maintained within the work group and the prevention of risks linked to the isolation of employees working from home.

The protection of people at risk of severe form of Covid

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