RATP cap Ile-de-France new subsidiary of the RATP group

RATP cap Ile-de-France was created to meet the challenges of mobility in Ile-de-France in the context of opening up to competition. This new subsidiary will "gradually become the vector of the group to respond to calls for tenders for urban and suburban transport in Ile-de-France. The new entity will have to offer its customers an efficient and innovative service, combining flexibility, proximity and expertise. … RATP cap Ile-de-France will combine the best of RATP's historical and integrated know-how in Ile-de-France with the agility and mastery of the challenges of the cities that the RATP group has successfully exported in France and around the world. It will thus combine the talents of the group, EPIC and RATP DEV, with external skills. With these major assets, RATP cap Ile-de-France will be able to offer Ile-de-France -France Mobilités and travelers the promise of trusted partnerships … " Catherine GUILLOUARD , Chairman and CEO of the RATP Group. The subsidiary will be chaired by Xavier LETY from March 1, 2021, who will be leaving the management of the RER department he had held until now.

En Ile-de-France et sur le quartier d'affaires Paris-La Défense

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