FINANCING BASIS FOR TRANSPORT IN THE Île-de-France region – 2024 – 2023

On Thursday, January 23, the meeting for the financing of Ile-de-France transport for the period 2024-2030 was held. The objective of this day, for all the actors present, was to find sustainable sources of financing for all the new transport offers that Ile-de-France Mobilités will have to finance from 2024. Links to listen to the interventions :

Concluding the meeting, Clément Beaune , Minister of Transport, welcomed "an exercise in essential transparency" which should make it possible to improve cooperation between the Region and the State on this subject, while respecting fairness between the authorities organizing mobility in France and taking into account the specificities of the Ile-de-France region. We must improve the service immediately, we must find the necessary supply in the spring”. Dismissing the idea of lowering capital expenditure and “excessively putting users to work”, he therefore wishes to “think without ease and without taboos about all the financing options”. “Taxation does not solve everything, nor revenue transfers,” he added. The Minister of Transport has asked the finance and sustainable development inspectorates, by March 2023, to update the figures for financial needs and to list the avenues for revenue. The objective is to establish, by the summer, " a sustainable, secure financing trajectory for IDF Mobilités for the years to come".

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