Innovation and businesses of tomorrow


Innovation is the answer to the fact that real estate is changing. The commission allows members to share, anticipate needs to support the digital revolution, urbanization, new uses in terms of work and mobility.

The company of tomorrow will have to face a multitude of new challenges facing the changes in work.

Development of services, globalization of exchanges, development of new digital and digital technologies have transformed work in all its dimensions.

In this context, companies must rethink the organization of work towards agile models, the management methods, the relationship with employees.

Modes of work are subject to profound changes

Today, much more collaborative exchanges and work habits are favored, interactions and network operations become more important.

Companies are looking for team commitment. It is therefore essential that the workspaces made available to employees make life easier for occupants and more flexible. Real estate there must adapt to the employee and not the other way around.

Real estate must evolve and incorporate new concepts to value their real estate. Today we must plan the operation phase as soon as the building is built.

In fact, today the property departments are very interested in the use of spaces and in the measure of their effectiveness for the sake of optimization.


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