Presentation of AUDE (Association
of the Users of the Defense)

Created in 2002, AUDE (Association of the Users of the Defense), independent association law of 1901, federates today more than sixty big companies, higher schools, universities of the business district. It represents more than 85% of La Défense office and retail space and 88% of employees.
AUDE makes the economic world’s voice as well as the office and the business users’ one, be heard, in the debates about the present and the avenir for the territory «  La Défense » which is spread out from the Seine to the Seine.


Europe’s leading business district, La Défense Seine Arche, has a strong urban identity and is well known in the entire business world. It owes its unique slab urbanism that extends over more than thirty hectares, its open architecture and iconic architecture (La Grande Arche, the CNIT), its new generation towers (FIRST, Tower & B Building, EQHO, Carpe Diem, D², Majunga …), and tomorrow the projects The Link, Trinity, Sisters, Hekla, The new Saint-Gobain Tower, and Racing Arena 2017, the gardens of l’Arche open to the public since April 2017, the Groues on the territory of Nanterre.

Greater Paris project, directed by the State in liason with the local authorities, works on the development of the whole Metropolitan France. This project, promoted by elected representatives architects and urban planners of the region “Ile-de-France”, mobilizes all the components of the society: developers, transport operators, public and private investors, construction companies and architects.

Aude member companies are resolutely committed to a long-term development of the site. They promote the best practices regarding sustainable real estate, ambitious restructuring and; technological and digital development. Defense must be an innovation laboratory, the smart city of tomorrow.
The members of Aude are engaged in this approach in order to make La Défense a human land, rich in diversity of talents with plenty of international managers and university researchers who meet each others in there, A land opened to the world and concerned for the well-being of everyone.

To nourish its reflexion and develop its proposals, the association conducts its work by relying on five commissions meeting regularly to take part on the main issues of the site, to offer innovative services to the site’s companies. The ambition of these commissions is to identify the evolution of practices in various areas and ways of valuing services.

AUDE is governed by a fifteen-member Board of Directors chaired by Jean-Yves Durance. Board members are drawn from founding members and adhering members.

General meetings include all the members of the association who represent their company up to date with the payment of the annual subscription.

The Development Council wishes to fully play its role of proposal by formulating “advice on the boards of directors” for the modernization and the development of the district.
The new governance with the creation of a single public institution Paris La Défense since January 1, 2018, represents a significant advance on the clarification of the governance of the business district. This simplification of governance should enable La Défense’s territory to boost and reinforce its international positioning.

Regularly, AUDE meets with all the stakeholders involved in the business district: elected officials, administrations, opinion leaders and takes part on the main issues. Besides local and national public actors who would know, better than users, the needs regarding the renovation and the animation of of a district? Who would be able to better analyze the financial and governance issues that determine investments?



In Ile-de-France and the Paris-La Défense business district

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