Sustainable real estate


The “Sustainable Real Estate” commission takes into account the environmental aspects in the broadest sense and pursues its commitment through its commissions for the environmental improvement of the real estate production for the benefit of the users and the inhabitants of the area Defense Seine Arche. The AUDE wishes by the fruitful exchanges to reach on the business district a standard of high level in term environmental and quality of use for the benefit of the investors, the promoters, the users.

She is particularly interested in the following topics:

– Energy balance
– Employed materials
– Waste management

in all types of building, especially the many high-rise buildings on the site. For the offices a level of environmental and usage quality requirement must be reached in the operations to aim at the international certifications LEED, BREEAM.

In 2013, 80% of office transactions of more than 5,000 m² in Ile de France involved either new or heavy renovation. To maintain the attractiveness of the business district and the Défense Seine Arche area, it is necessary to renovate the assets as they age and organize a permanent process of rehabilitation.

Paris La Défense (eg Epadesa) has done this, with a tool in June 2014 to measure the energy and environmental performance of real estate assets. This Observatory of the energy performance of buildings must allow both to identify the most virtuous buildings and to provide elements of discussion with the owners of assets obsolete or in the process of being.

Sustainable development

Political objective, a commitment of business districts is organized around several requirements:

  • economic competitiveness,
  • commitment to exemplarity,
  • put in place the best existing techniques and practices,
  • amélioration de l’environnement,
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy

in a long-term dimension that will be a basis for renewal of the La Défense Business District.

Thanks to the renewal plan launched on July 25, 2006, Sustainable Development is a challenge, which can not be circumvented and which requires a spatial reorganization at all scales.

This vast project involves a new offer of 450,000 m2 of new program offices and the demolition-reconstruction, of 100,000 m2 of housing, the development of the service of the business district and a strong commitment to Sustainable Development.

It is by transposing the good practices of one to the other that we will progress.

Energy efficiency concept

• Advantage of La Défense, the polycentric organization of the Business District must allow both the concentration necessary for economic development, the realization of joint transport, the preservation of space and the multiplicity of projects facilitating the de-development of housing and access to services and amenities.

• It is necessary to rethink the territorial strategy of development of the Business District by promoting the balance between housing, jobs, equipment and services.

• Urban renewal and density are imperatives to be promoted for the benefit of Sustainable Development and Urban Quality.

• Urban supply must meet the challenges of sustainable development: to be part of competitiveness, ie in the market.

On the initiative of EPAD (now Paris La Défense), an organization that has designed and created La Défense, a Charter of Business Districts for Sustainable Development will be offered to business district managers from around the world.


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